SB 485 - This act specifies that retailers licensed to sell alcohol for on-premises consumption may purchase intoxicating liquor, except beer or malt liquor, from retailers licensed to sell intoxicating liquor for off-premise consumption, provided that the liquor was originally purchased from a duly licensed wholesaler within the state.

The off-premise retailer shall apply to the Supervisor of Liquor Control for a license to make sales to on-premise retailers, which shall cost $50 per year. The off-premise retailer shall only make sales under this license to entities holding a valid on-premise retailer's license, and shall report such sales to the Supervisor as provided in the act. In the event the Supervisor produces a list of on-premise license holders who are in arrears on their financial obligations to a licensed wholesaler for more than 60 days, the off-premise retailer shall not sell intoxicating liquor to any entity on the list.

This act is similar to HB 916 (2019).


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