SB 466 - This act requires the Department of Revenue, in cooperation with the Director of the Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions, and Professional Registration, to establish an electronically accessible motor vehicle financial responsibility verification system. The Department of Revenue may contract with a private vendor or vendors to establish and maintain the system.

The act specifies features and functions of the system, including internet connectivity, data security, record retention, accessibility by certain entities, integration with existing computer systems, receipt of data from insurers, means for low-volume insurers and persons with non-insurance financial responsibility to participate, and system availability.

Information contained within the system, other than records of verification requests by government entities subject to the Sunshine Law shall be exempt from the Sunshine law. Insurers shall cooperate with the state in establishing and maintaining the system and shall provide access to motor vehicle insurance policy status information to verify proof of financial responsibility as specified in the act.

These provisions shall expire on August 28, 2025.


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