SB 319
Establishes remedies for failing to disclose that a parcel of real property was a site for methamphetamine production
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2/28/2019 - Hearing Conducted S Small Business and Industry Committee
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August 28, 2019

Current Bill Summary

SB 319 - Under current law, a seller or landlord with prior knowledge of production of methamphetamine or other controlled substance on a parcel of real property must disclose this fact in writing to the buyer or tenant. Additionally, the seller or landlord must disclose that the property was the residence, storage site, or laboratory of a person convicted of certain crimes involving production of controlled substances including methamphetamine. This act creates a Class A misdemeanor for any knowing violation of these provisions. Furthermore, any buyer or transferee who suffers any injury as a result of a knowing violation of this act by a seller or transferor may bring a civil action and receive compensatory damages, including damages for any medical expenses incurred as a result of exposure to methamphetamine.



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