SB 277
Modifies provisions relating to child support enforcement
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3/13/2019 - Voted Do Pass S Seniors, Families and Children Committee
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August 28, 2019

Current Bill Summary

SB 277 - This act modifies several provisions relating to child support enforcement. First, this act modifies the definition of "account" with reference to accounts in financial institutions maintained by a non-custodial parent to include traditional individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and Roth IRAs. Additionally, traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs shall not be exempt from attachment or execution for child support enforcement.

This act requires the Family Support Division within the Department of Social Services to enter into an agreement with each financial institution within the state to develop and operate a data match system for child support enforcement, unless such institution does business in 2 or more states and enters into an agreement with the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement for a data match.

Current law requires the Division or IV-D agency to notify by mail a non-custodial parent account holder of the issuance of a lien on the account at a financial institution. This act provides that if the account is jointly owned, such interests are presumed equal unless proven otherwise within 30 days of the mailing of the notice to the non-custodial parent.

This provision is identical to a provision in the truly agreed to and finally passed CCS/SS/SCS/HCS/HB 397 (2019).



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