SB 264 Transfers the State Council on the Arts from the Department of Economic Development to the Office of the Lieutenant Governor
1/16/2019 S First Read--SB 264-Crawford S86
2/7/2019 Second Read and Referred S Professional Registration Committee S220
2/11/2019 Hearing Conducted S Professional Registration Committee
2/25/2019 Voted Do Pass S Professional Registration Committee
2/28/2019 Reported from S Professional Registration Committee S402
3/25/2019 Perfected S543
3/26/2019 Reported Truly Perfected S Rules, Joint Rules, Resolutions and Ethics Committee S551
3/28/2019 S Third Read and Passed S593-594
3/28/2019 H First Read H1187
4/1/2019 H Second Read H1199
4/3/2019 Referred H General Laws H1305
4/9/2019 Hearing Conducted H General Laws
4/15/2019 Voted Do Pass H General Laws
4/16/2019 Reported Do Pass H General Laws H1598
4/16/2019 Referred H Rules - Legislative Oversight H1598
4/24/2019 Voted Do Pass H Rules - Legislative Oversight
4/24/2019 Reported Do Pass H Rules - Legislative Oversight H1790
4/30/2019 Bill Placed on Informal Calendar H1866
5/15/2019 Bill Placed on Formal Calendar H2635
5/16/2019 Bill Placed on Informal Calendar H2647
5/17/2019 H Informal Calendar Senate Bills for Third Reading