HB 628 Limits prescription of long-acting or extended-release opioids by dentists

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Current Bill Summary

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HB 628 - Current law prohibits a health care practitioner from issuing an initial prescription for more than a 7-day supply of any opioid controlled substance upon the initial consultation and treatment of a patient for acute pain. If, in the professional medical judgment of the practitioner, more than a 7-day supply is necessary, the practitioner shall document such reason in the patient's medical record. Current law exempts patients undergoing treatment for cancer from such provisions, and under this act, patients undergoing treatment for sickle cell disease are also exempt.

Under this act, long-acting or extended-release opioids shall not be used to treat acute pain. If the dentist, in his or her professional judgment, believes a long-acting or extended-release opioid is necessary to treat the patient, the dentist shall document and explain in the patient's dental record the reason for the necessity for the long-acting or extended-release opioid.

Dentists shall avoid prescribing doses greater than 50 Morphine Milligram Equivalents (MME) per day for treatment of acute pain. If the dentist believes doses greater than 50 MME are necessary to treat the patient, the dentist shall document and explain the reason for the dose greater than 50 MME.

The Missouri Dental Board is required, under this act, to maintain an MME conversion chart and instructions for calculating MMEs on its website.

This act is identical to HCS/SCS/SB 6 (2019), is substantially similar to SS/HB 219 (2019), SB 275 (2019), and SB 514 (2019).


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