HRB 1 Repeals expired, ineffective, and obsolete statutory provisions

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Current Bill Summary

- Prepared by Senate Research -

HRB 1 - This act repeals specified expired, ineffective and obsolete statutory provisions, including the following:

1. Obsolete provisions in the Big Government Get Off My Back Act (Section 1.310);

2. Corrects inaccurate or obsolete intersectional references (Sections 86.353, 135.204, 135.434, 135.530, 135.800, 160.500, 184.351 to 184.362, 301.3097, 301.3123, 454.433, 454.470, and 454.490);

3. Expired provision regarding campaign contributions received by committees (130.034)

4. Obsolete definitions and references in the Public Service Officer or Employee Survivor Grant program (173.260);

5. Expired provision regarding certain education and screening programs (178.697);

6. Corrects intersectional references and adds a definition to the Health Care Cost Reduction and Transparency Act (191.875);

7. Expired provisions in section regarding reimbursement rates for nursing care services (208.169);

8. Obsolete reference due to name change of State Parole Board (217.660);

9. Expired provisions relating to contracts awarded to minority and women owned businesses (313.270);

10. Corrects clerical drafting error by inserting correct statutory language in provision regarding suicide assessment training for marital and family therapists (337.712);

11. Obsolete provision regarding the Missouri Training and Employment Council (620.570);

12. Obsolete provisions based on previous changes to the merit system (630.167);

13. The repeal of the following expired, sunset, or obsolete sections:

- Tax credit for charcoal producers (135.313);

- Alternative fuel vehicle refueling property and electric vehicle recharging property tax credit (135.710);

- Film production companies tax credit (135.750);

- Prohibition on ballot measures imposing restrictions on public financial incentives in St. Louis City (135.980);

- Provision regarding relocation of jobs from Kansas to Missouri (135.1670);

- Tax deduction for job creation by small businesses (143.173);

- Tax refund contribution for after-school retreat reading and assessment grant program fund (143.1008);

- Tax refund contribution for breast cancer awareness trust fund (143.1009);

- Tax refund contribution for American Red Cross trust fund (143.1013);

- Tax refund contribution for puppy protection trust fund (143.1014);

- Tax refund contribution for developmental disabilities waiting list equity trust fund (143.1017);

- Money from environmental violations to not be included in school local effort calculations (163.024);

- Provision regarding providing food service in schools eligible to reduce make-up days (171.034);

- Engineering college grant program appropriation (172.287);

- Vietnam veterans' survivors grant program (173.236);

- Obsolete reference in St. Louis Metropolitan Park and Museum District statute (184.384);

- Department of Public Safety study of public safety answering points (190.450);

- Women's heart health program (191.425);

- Obsolete section regarding expired perinatal substance abuse program (191.950);

- Money follows the person demonstration program (192.926);

- Expired provisions regarding residence of officers at the Missouri Rehabilitation Center (199.020)'

- Low-Wage Trap Elimination Act (208.053);

- Missouri Task Force on the Prevention of Infant Abuse and Neglect (210.154);

- Obsolete affording housing definition (215.263);

- Multiple version of statute declared unconstitutional in Legends Bank v. State (226.033);

- Dry-cleaning facilities (260.900 to 260.965);

- Contingent renewal for provision regarding extended unemployment compensation benefits under federal act did not occur (288.501);

- World War II Memorial Trust Fund (301.3031);

- Tax credit for purchase of dry fire hydrant (320.093);

- Intervention pain management by physicians (334.153);

- Provision regarding electronic court filings (476.1000);

- Three-year pilot project for a mental health assessment process (559.117);

- Interagency plan between the Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Conservation (640.030); and

- Obsolete rulemaking authority provision for Department of Social Services (660.512).


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