HB 694 Modifies provisions relating to background checks, and extends the expiration of a criminal court surcharge for the DNA Profiling Analysis fund

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Current Bill Summary

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SS/HCS/HB 694 - Currently, certain public and private qualified entities may enroll in the Missouri and Federal RAP Back programs and utilize the background check resources for applicants for employment or volunteer positions. This act removes organizations and entities that may be privately owned and operated that provide care, care placement, or educational services for children, the elderly, or persons with disabilities as patients or residents from the existing background check provisions and creates new provisions that authorize such entities to enroll in the Missouri and Federal RAP Back programs and utilize such background check resources.

This act authorizes the Department of Social Services and circuit courts to fingerprint applicants for purposes of adoptions, guardians, conservators, advocates and personal representatives over minors, incapacitated, elderly or disabled individuals. These fingerprints will be given to the Missouri Highway Patrol and FBI who will both conduct a background check of the individual fingerprinted. If either background check discovers any criminal history records, then all of those records will be made available to the entity that requested the background check.

Currently, a court surcharge in all criminal cases for deposit into the DNA Profiling Analysis Fund shall expire on August 28, 2019. Thus act extends the expiration of the surcharge to August 28, 2029.

This act contains an emergency clause.

This act contains provisions that are identical to SB 363 (2019) and SB 20 (2019).


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