HB 487 Includes the dispensing of self-administered oral hormonal contraceptives in the practice of pharmacy

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Current Bill Summary

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HCS/HB 487 - Under this act, the practice of pharmacy includes the dispensing of self-administered oral hormonal contraceptives.

A pharmacist is permitted to dispense self-administered oral contraceptives to any person age 18 or older with a prescription. A prescription order for an oral contraceptive shall have no expiration date.

A pharmacist is required to complete an approved training program related to prescribing contraceptives; provide a self-screening risk assessment tool that patients will use prior to the pharmacist's prescription; refer the patient to a primary care practitioner at least every year; provide a written record of the prescription dispensed, and advise the patient to consult with a physician; and dispense such contraceptive as soon as practicable.

The provisions of the act will terminate upon the enactment of any laws allowing the provision of contraceptives from a pharmacist without a prescription. The act does not authorize a pharmacist to make a therapeutic substitution of a pharmaceutical prescribed by a physician unless authorized.

This act is similar to HB 1498 (2018) and HB 233 (2017).


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