HB 588 Modifies the Plant Industries Division fees and requires periodic reviews of fees charged by the Department of Agriculture

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Current Bill Summary

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SCS/HB 588 - This act modifies provisions relating to fees charged by the Department of Agriculture.

The act requires the Department of Agriculture to convene a work group every 5 years to review all fees charged by the Department. After each such review, the Department shall prepare and submit a report to the General Assembly on any recommended changes to the fees that would ensure adequate funding for the Department.

Fees for the following programs within the Plant Industries Division of the Department of Agriculture are modified under the act:

• Apiary inspection fees to move bees or bee equipment into the state;

• Seed permits;

• Inspection rates per ton of commercial feed;

• Certified commercial pesticide applicators;

• Certified noncommercial pesticide applicators;

• Pesticide technicians;

• Pesticide dealers; and

• Fees for registered pesticides

Additionally, for the annual fee on pet food distributed in packages of 10 pounds or less, the Department may promulgate rules to allow for the review of records of persons claiming gross annual sales not exceeding $5,000 in order to ensure that they qualify for a reduced annual fee.

Finally, the act creates the "Pesticide Education Fund", which shall be used to provide funding for pesticide applicator certification programs, pesticide education programs, and pesticide waste and container disposal programs.

This act is identical to provisions in the truly agreed CCS/HCS/SB 133 (2019) and is similar to SB 472 (2019).


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