HB 301 Modifies provisions relating to advanced practice registered nurses

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Current Bill Summary

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SCS/HCS/HB 301 - This act modifies provisions relating to advanced practice registered nurses.

Under this act, the Missouri State Board of Nursing may establish rules setting forth the licensing and renewal procedures, fees, and the discipline of advanced practice registered nurses.

(Section 335.047)

The Board may issue a license by endorsement to an APRN licensed in another state if the applicant meets the qualifications for licensure in Missouri, and such APRN shall practice in accordance with the laws of this state.

(Section 335.051)

A licensee's APRN license and his or her professional nursing license shall be treated as one license for the purpose of discipline, and renewal and assessment of renewal fees.

(Section 335.056)

Under current law, any person who holds a license to practice advanced practice nursing in the state may use the title "advanced practice registered nurse". Under this act, such person may use the designations of "certified registered nurse anesthetist", "certified nurse midwife", "certified clinical nurse specialist", and "certified nurse practitioner".

(Section 335.076)

This act is identical to SCS/SB 400 (2019), and provisions of SCS/HB 705 (2019), and is similar to HB 693 (2019) and HB 1502 (2018).


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