HB 568 Authorizes political subdivisions to elect to cover certain positions as public safety personnel for purposes of retirement plans

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SCS/HB 568 - This act modifies provisions regarding public employee retirement systems.


This act authorizes a political subdivision, by a vote of its governing body, to elect to cover emergency telecommunicators, jailors, and emergency medical service personnel as public safety personnel members in the Missouri Local Government Employee's Retirement System (LAGERS). The minimum retirement age for those employees defined as public safety personnel shall be 55 years of age. If the election is made, coverage shall apply to all past and future employment with the employer for present and future employees. Additionally, upon election, the employer's contributions shall be changed upon the effective date of the election. The one percent limitation on an increase of the employer's total contribution to the system shall not apply to contribution increases that resulted from an election under this act.

These provisions are identical to provisions in HB 723 (2019), are substantially similar to provisions in HCS/SB 468 (2019), and are similar to provisions in CCS/SB 17 (2019) and SB 124 (2019).


Currently, retired members of the Public School Retirement System of Missouri (PSRS) or of the Public Education Employees Retirement System of Missouri (PEERS) who have elected a reduced retirement allowance to provide for survivor benefits for his or her spouse may have the retirement allowance increased to the single life annuity amount, with no survivor benefits if the marriage was dissolved on or after September 1, 2017, and the dissolution decree provides for the sole retention of the retirement rights by the member.

This act will additionally allow such a retired member to have the retirement allowance increased if the marriage dissolved before September 1, 2017, with a dissolution decree that provided for sole retention of the retirement allowance rights by the member and the member obtained an amended dissolution decree after September 1, 2017, or spousal consent that provided for the immediate removal of the spouse as the nominated beneficiary. If the dissolution decree did not provide for the sole retention by the member of all rights in the retirement allowance, the member may also increase their retirement allowance if the marriage was dissolved before September 1, 2017, and an amended dissolution decree providing for the member's sole retention was obtained after September 1, 2017.

Any increase shall be effective upon the receipt of an application for an increase and a certified copy of the dissolution along with the separation agreement, if applicable.

These provisions are similar to provisions in HB 723 (2019) and in CCS/SB 17 (2019).


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