HB 287 Modifies provisions relating to electric vehicle charging stations

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SCS/HCS/HB 287 - This act modifies provisions relating to matters within the scope the Public Service Commission.

ELECTRIC VEHICLE CHARGING STATIONS (Sections 386.020 & 386.805):

This act modifies the definition of "electrical corporation" to state that such term does not include the following:

• Municipally owned electric utilities;

• Rural electric cooperatives; and

• Persons or corporations not otherwise engaged in the sale of electricity at wholesale or retail that own, control, operate, or manage equipment that supplies electricity exclusively for the service of charging an electric vehicle.

The act also creates a definition for "electric vehicle charging station, which is defined as an electric plant used for the sale of electricity to the public for the propulsion of battery-operated or hybrid motor vehicles, vessels, railroads, or other related equipment and services.

For the purposes of certain sections of law relating to municipally owned utilities and rural electric cooperatives, when municipally owned electric utilities or rural electric cooperatives are lawfully providing electric service to structures outside of their respective service area boundaries, an electric vehicle charging station reasonably proximate to such structure served by such municipally owned electric utility or rural electric cooperative shall be considered a contiguous or adjacent addition to or an expansion of an existing structure.

These provisions are similar to SCS/SB 296 (2019) and provisions in the truly agreed SCS/HB 355 (2019).


Under current law, technical advisory staff shall be hired on or before July 1, 2005. This act repeals this provision.

APPELLATE PROCEDURE FOR PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION DECISIONS AND ORDERS (Sections 386.510 & 386.515): Currently, an applicant may appeal a decision or order from the Public Service Commission by filing a notice of appeal with the Commission, which the Commission shall then forward to the appropriate appellate court. Under this act, an applicant may file a notice of appeal with the appellate court directly.

These provisions are identical to provisions contained in the truly agreed SCS/HB 355 (2019), SCS/HB 1691 (2018), and SCS/HB 1800 (2018), and are substantially similar to HB 1080 (2017).


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