Statement on Lawsuits: Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal


I am overjoyed at the announcement of two additional lawsuits regarding legacy nuclear waste left from the Manhattan Project. In the last two years, I’ve held 100 town hall meetings on the subject matter and interviewed nearly 1,000 residents. While I worked to pass legislation for a home buyout for vulnerable citizens, it failed due to powerful corporate interests seeking to ease financial liability.

The HBO documentary has opened up a new door for St. Louis residents. The EPA preliminary decision has also opened doors for our region. However, I must warn the public, the circumference of contamination is much larger than what the attorneys are outlining in their lawsuit.

In my heart, I want compensation for my constituents to ease their pain. I want a federal “Downwinder” status which will track the health status of residents in the region. There are multiple policy changes we need to adopt immediately.

No matter what, today is a good day. It is a battle we’ve won. Ahead of us are many more battles. The important thing is to win the war.