Sen. Jamilah Nasheed Requests MoDOT Reinstate License Plate Readers

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Senator Jamilah Nasheed Requests MoDOT Reinstate License Plate Readers

JEFFERSON CITY —State Sen. Jamilah Nasheed, D-St. Louis, objects to the Missouri Department of Transportation’s removal of license plate readers (LPRs) from the City of St. Louis. The license plate readers were installed in St. Louis as a pilot program meant to last five years. To date, the LPR system has led to 149 arrests. Senator Nasheed is asking for the readers to be reinstated.

“I am disappointed with MoDOT for ending this program prematurely, a full two years ahead of schedule,” said Sen. Nasheed. “This is an effective program that has benefited the City of St. Louis and helps keeps our communities safe. MoDOT has even admitted the program is cost-effective and successful at combatting crime. I do not understand why this valuable program would end ahead of schedule.”

In a letter sent to the City of St. Louis in May, MoDOT said if legislation was not passed by the Missouri General Assembly dealing with this issue during the legislative session, the license plate readers would be removed by June 1, 2018. No action was taken by the General Assembly to address this issue, but Sen. Nasheed believes the agreement between the City of St. Louis and MoDOT should remain intact.

“The absence of such legislation should not usurp the ability of a local government from partnering with the state to keep its citizens safe,” said Sen. Nasheed. “I am more than willing to work to with both sides to reach a compromise. Ultimately, I believe these readers should be reinstated and the five-year agreement with St. Louis should be honored.”

For more information on this issue, please contact Sen. Nasheed’s office at 573-751-4415.