Senator Denny Hoskins Column for the Week of April 16, 2018

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Updates from the floor of the Missouri Senate

With four weeks left in the 2018 legislative session, the Missouri Senate is reviewing and approving legislation to be sent to the Missouri House of Representatives for further review. I am truly proud to serve as your senator for the 21st Senatorial District. I am committed to working with my colleagues in both chambers to pass meaningful legislation intended to benefit all Missourians.

This week, the Missouri Senate approved Senate Bill 573. Through this legislation, Missouri aims to become a more military-friendly state. This legislation authorizes a state income tax deduction for certain military personnel. In 2016, The Missouri General Assembly approved legislation allowing military income to be deducted from the service member’s adjusted gross income. SB 573 continues that income tax deduction, and it allows members of the Missouri National Guard and Army Reserve to also deduct their earned income during active military service. The deduction will be phased in over time, until 2030 when it will be 100 percent deductible. In addition, the bill contains numerous other issues intended to benefit military member living in Missouri. The bill contains language allowing businesses to grant preference to veterans and their families when it comes to hiring and promoting employees. It also expands the Show-Me Heroes program by extending the period of time in which a family may receive benefits under the program from one year following discharge from deployment to five years. In addition, the bill establishes a Veterans’ Bill of Rights and it creates the Missouri Military Community Reinvestment Program. With a robust community of military members, investing in resources for veterans is a priority of mine, especially in the 21st Senatorial District. If passed this bill would enhance the network of resources available to military members, veterans and their families across the state.

Report from the Veterans and Military Affairs Chairman

This week, the Veterans and Military Affairs Committee discussed several House bills that involved components of SB 573. For example, House Bill 1257 would allow private businesses to give hiring preference for veterans and their families and House Bill 2339 establishes the Missouri Military Community Reinvestment Grant Program Act.

House Bill 1368 modifies the Missouri Returning Heroes Education Act, while House Bill 1503 works to establish a fund for providing state guaranteed small businesses loans to veterans. I applaud my fellow lawmakers in both chambers for their efforts to ensure that our veterans know they are appreciated and that they are being recognized for their sacrifices for our country.

Government Reform

In an effort to reduce unnecessary regulations in state government, the Missouri Senate approved Senate Revision Bills 975 & 1074. This legislation repeals expired and ineffective statutory provisions. The proposal updates our state laws ensuring our government practices are current. These laws serve as a guide for our citizens, businesses as well as state departments and agencies. The goal of this legislation is to help our state operate as efficiently and effectively as possible for all Missourians.

In addition, lawmakers approved Senate Bill 655. This proposal eliminates the statute of limitations for child abuse prosecutions, ultimately repealing the current law where certain acts of child abuse may not be prosecuted after three years. When a child suffers from abuse, they are vulnerable and defenseless. I believe it is our duty as lawmakers to shorten the barriers that exist in the criminal justice system to ensure children do no not have to relive those traumatic experiences. This proposal allows their case to be fully investigated and eventually closed without a time constraint on the length of the investigation.

As always, I appreciate hearing your comments, opinions and concerns. Please feel free to contact me in Jefferson City at (573) 751-4302. You may also email me at