Sen. Jeanie Riddle Applauds the Signing of House Bill 1832 Into Law

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Senator Jeanie Riddle Applauds the Signing of House Bill 1832 Into Law

JEFFERSON CITY — State Sen. Jeanie Riddle, R-Callaway County, applauds the former governor for signing House Bill 1832 into state law. This legislation reforms Missouri’s merchandising practices and improves the state’s credit card protection regulations.

“This legislation is designed to go after credit card skimming, which occurs when someone steals an individual’s credit card information through a device and then uses their information to commit fraud,” stated Sen. Riddle. “This most commonly occurs at ATMs and at merchant card readers, such as gas pumps.”

In addition, the legislation creates two new crimes intended to protect consumers from credit card fraud. The bill creates the crime of defacing a credit card reader, as well as the crime of illegally using a card scanner. ATM skimming incidents have grown by 10 percent in the United States each year over the past four years. Annual loses to banks and consumers for ATM and credit card skimming account for more than $8 billion.

“As a state, we must give law enforcement the tools they need to identify and prosecute the criminals who are committing these fraudulent acts” said Sen. Riddle. “As technology evolves, we must continue to address and reform our state’s statutes in order to combat this new type of criminal behavior.”

During the legislative session, Sen. Riddle was the Senate sponsor of HB 1832 and guided it through the Senate during legislative debate. Senator Riddle plans to continue her work on this issue during future legislative sessions, aiming to equip law enforcement with the tools they need to combat this new form of credit card fraud.

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