Sen. Ed Emery’s Legislative Report for July 27, 2018

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“If we are to grow the economy, create jobs and build prosperity in Missouri, we must conform every policy to that which lays at the root of all three: liberty.”  Anonymous 

On August 7th, those of you who understand the gravity of your citizenship will go to the polls and cast an informed vote for the primary election candidates of your choice. You will also be confronted with Proposition A on the ballot. There are two things to remember when considering Prop A. The first is freedom, and the second is accountability. I believe a yes vote on Prop A is a vote for freedom and accountability.

Much of the information you may have seen on TV is at best misleading and often completely disingenuous. We needn’t rely on TV or social media advertisements to understand Prop A because 27 states have passed similar measures. In those states, union bosses have lost their power over individual workers, and the avalanche of ads opposing Prop A is because those union bosses are fighting back.

Senate Bill 19 gave workers the freedom to choose whether or not to join a union by forbidding employers from forcing union membership as a requirement for employment and forbidding that same employer from prohibiting an employee from joining a union. Through SB 19, I believe workers gained freedom and organized labor (unions) acquired accountability to their members. Nevertheless, the union power brokers contested the legislation and the courts issued a stay until after this August’s election. Whether or not you have learned about Prop A, the following information may be helpful.

What the Prop A Ballot Language Means:

  • A “yes” vote is to uphold SB 19, which would enact freedom-to-work so that no person can be required to pay dues to a labor union or join a labor union as a condition of employment.
  • A “no” vote is to overturn SB 19, and affected Missouri workers would continue to be forced to join a union or pay dues as a condition of employment even if they objected.

Why Voting “Yes” on Prop A is Important:

  • Reforming union laws in Missouri is pro-worker, pro-transparency and pro-taxpayer.
  • Allowing businesses the opportunity to create better jobs with growing incomes will lead to stronger economic growth.
  • Studies show that Right to Work states:
    • Have higher levels of economic growth;
    • Attract more new businesses; and
    • Have increased job and wage growth.
  • Missouri is losing jobs and population to our Right to Work neighboring states.
    • All of the states surrounding Missouri, with the exception of Illinois, have freed their workers from forced union membership.
  • The 22 states that passed freedom-to-work laws before 2012 have experienced an economic boom.
  • Freedom-to-work states had more than 17 percent average growth between 2004 and 2014 while states without freedom-to-work over the same period had only 11.5 percent growth.
  • The top states for new manufacturing jobs are freedom-to-work states, which also have substantially more private-sector job growth than forced-union states.
  • Freedom-to-work is the single biggest policy that can help protect a worker’s freedom to choose whether a union works for them or they work for the union.

Do your own research and then be sure to vote on August 7th.  Once you have researched the differences, I think you will vote yes on Prop A and implement what the Legislature passed in 2017. Except for the intervention of the judiciary, freedom-to-work would have already been in place for nearly a year, and I believe Missouri would have begun gaining on some of our freedom-to-work neighbors.

Thank you for reading this legislative report. You can contact my office at (573) 751-2108 if you have any questions. Thank you and we welcome your prayers for the proper application of state government.