Audio: Sen. Emery Discusses the Veto and Extra Sessions


JEFFERSON CITY — State Sen. Ed Emery, R-Lamar, talks about the annual veto session, held this week in Jefferson City, along with another extra session called by the governor.


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  1. Senator Emery says no vetoes were overridden during the annual veto session, which was held on Sept. 12. He says the Missouri House of Representatives tried to override some of the line-item vetoes in the Fiscal Year 2019 budget, though.
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  2. Senator Emery adds those vetoed items total less than $1 million.
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  3. Senator Emery also says Medicaid and education spending now make up the bulk of the state’s operating budget.
    Emery-3-091418  (:29)  Q: pretty good budget.
  4. Senator Emery says House Bill 2, which is a part of the extra session that was called by the governor, modifies provisions relating to specialty courts including DWI courts, drug courts and veterans treatment courts. He also says there is a venue issue in the measure. Senator Emery says this would allow someone who is in treatment court to receive those treatments in another area. He says this shifts jurisdictional responsibility to that area.
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