Audio: Sen. Emery Discusses SB 674 and HB 1456

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JEFFERSON CITY — State Sen. Ed Emery, R-Lamar, discusses Senate Bill 674, a measure that seeks to modify several provisions relating to taxation. The legislation was sent from the Missouri Senate to the Missouri House of Representatives yesterday (4/12). He also talks about House Bill 1456, legislation that would change the laws regarding 911 emergency communication services. On Wednesday (4/11), the Missouri Senate Commerce, Consumer Protection, Energy and the Environment Committee voted to send this measure to the full Missouri Senate for consideration.


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Emery-Podcast-041218  (4:41)  Q: took them seriously.

  1. Senator Emery says Senate Bill 674 would modify several provisions relating to taxation.
    Emery-1-041218  (:27)  Q: which it operates.
  2. Senator Emery adds the apportionment part of the proposal comes from multiple states.
    Emery-2-041218  (:30)  Q: to the revenue.
  3. Senator Emery also says he has concerns with the funding mechanism.
    Emery-3-041218  (:29)  Q: in an emergency.