Statement from Sen. Brian Munzlinger Regarding Opposition to Senate Bill 627

Munzlinger - Statement Banner - 082818

JEFFERSON CITY — State Sen. Brian Munzlinger, R-Williamstown, today issued the following statement relating to threatened legal action against portions of Senate Bill 627, which became law on Aug. 28.

“The portion of SB 627 that relates to fake meat labeling is only a small part of the bill that becomes law today. The legislation does a lot of great things for not only agriculture, but for all Missourians. The section of the law that pertains to fake meat is language intended to protect consumers. The new statute prohibits any company from misrepresenting a product as meat that doesn’t comply with the definition that is in 265.300 RSMO. I am not sure why someone would be worried about ‘commercial free speech,’ unless that person or company wants to misrepresent where something comes from or what it is. This legislation is being attacked because we are the first state in the nation with the foresight and fortitude to pass this legislation. I want to thank my friends, on both sides of the aisle, for their support of this legislation. This debate is on the national level as well, with bi-partisan support there also.”

Senate Bill 627 also allows urban and community gardens to be classified as agricultural land for property tax purposes. The legislation also waives certain fuel standard requirements during certain times when fuel supplies may be low.