Bills Sponsored by Senator Chappelle-Nadal

SB 558 - Modifies provisions relating to contaminated homes
SB 559 - Modifies several provisions relating to elementary and secondary education
SB 560 - Modifies provisions relating to racial profiling in policing
SB 635 - Creates the crimes of failing to stop illegal firearm possession, negligent storage of a firearm, and failure to notify a school of firearm ownership
SB 636 - Requires St. Louis City and St. Louis County to increase the number of contracts awarded to women's and minority business enterprises
SB 637 - Modifies the minimum wage laws
SB 684 - Creates new subdistricts in certain school districts
SB 685 - Moves elections for streetlight maintenance district board members from the November general election to the April general municipal election
SB 686 - Modifies the law relating to the investment policies of the state
SB 719 - Requires long-term care facilities to institute policies facilitating familial involvement in the well-being and support of its residents
SB 720 - Creates the Missouri Radon Awareness Act
SB 721 - Modifies the statute of limitations for certain claims under workers' compensation
SB 740 - Requires courts to explain certain consequences of pleading guilty before such a plea may be accepted
SB 741 - Prohibits the use of a vaccine containing mercury as administered to a child or adult in MIssouri
SB 742 - Creates a process by which courts may issue a certificate of exemplary conduct and good moral character to certain offenders
SB 1085 - Designates every October first as "Nat Turner Day" in Missouri
SJR 21 - Requires the question of whether to recall the county executive to be submitted to voters in St. Louis County

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