Bills Sponsored by Senator Hoskins

SB 608 - Modifies provisions regarding the liability of property owners when criminal conduct occurs on the property
SB 609 - Repeals the law pertaining to prevailing wage
SB 610 - Prohibits an individual from participating in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program if he or she is delinquent in child support
SB 767 - Modifies provisions relating to wagering on certain games
SB 768 - Modifies several provisions relating to the taxation of telecommunications companies
SB 771 - Creates new provisions regulating the use of payroll deduction options for public employees
SB 772 - Excludes funds designated by taxpayers in an urban district as early childhood education funds from the local tax revenue calculation used to provide funding to charter schools that declared themselves as a local education agency
SB 773 - Modifies provisions relating to taxation
SB 829 - Modifies provisions relating to the practice of public accounting
SB 864 - Allows private employers to grant employment preferences to veterans
SB 882 - Modifies provisions of the Missouri Higher Education Savings Program
SB 897 - Modifies provisions relating to the taxation of partnerships
SB 898 - Modifies provisions relating to course access in education
SB 989 - Provides a sales tax exemption for the purchase of certain utilities for food preparation
SB 1013 - Authorizes sports wagering
SB 1061 - Modifies provisions of law relating to motorcycle safety education programs
SB 1092 - Requires the Department of Natural Resources to promulgate rules establishing setback distances for large wastewater facilities
SB 1093 - Modifies provisions relating to pesticides
SB 1094 - Modifies provisions relating to complaints against psychologists
SB 1095 - Modifies provisions relating to Department of Mental Health inspections
SCR 40 - Applies to Congress for the calling of an Article V convention of states to propose an amendment to the United States Constitution regarding term limits for members of Congress
SCR 42 - Calls upon the Missouri United States' Senators to support Senate Bill 120, relating to the declassification of missing Armed Forces personnel records and aid in the resolution of the cases of unaccounted Missouri service members
SJR 34 - Allows for a property tax exemption for one hundred percent disabled veterans
HB 1257 - Allows private employers to grant employment preferences to veterans
HB 1349 - Establishes July 7th as "Missouri Sliced Bread Day."
HB 1351 - Requires a responsive pleading to be filed in any motion to modify child support, child custody, or spousal maintenance
HB 1369 - Modifies the definition of a service dog
HB 1383 - Changes the laws regarding consent for a minor to obtain an abortion
HB 1464 - Allows telephone companies to select an alternative method of property tax assessment
HB 1503 - Modifies provisions regarding loans for veteran-owned small businesses, license plates for veterans, professional licensure for military spouses, and the Missouri reserve military force
HB 2031 - Modifies provisions regarding service dogs.
HB 2101 - Modifies provisions relating to the payment of guardian ad litem fees in certain cases
HB 2110 - Raises the county limits on awards issued for the apprehension of felons
HCR 53 - Urges Congress to award the Congressional Gold Medal to the Ghost Army from WWII.
HCR 69 - Urges the President to designate a state funeral for the last Medal of Honor recipient from World War II

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