Bills Sponsored by Senator Walsh

SB 582 - Requires school districts to report breaches of data containing personal information of students to parents, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, and the State Auditor
SB 892 - Modifies provisions relating to various retirement plans for public employees
SB 979 - Requires potable water in certain elementary school buildings to be tested for lead
SB 1051 - Prohibits a person from possessing a firearm if they are subject to an order of protection or have been convicted of a misdemeanor domestic violence offense
SB 1083 - Permits the Department of Mental Health to enter into certain contracts
SCR 46 - Urges the members of the Missouri General Assembly to oppose any statewide vote or legislative mandate on governmental reorganization regarding St. Louis City and County
SR 1137 - Modifies Senate Rule 25
SR 1272 - Relating to Use of Chamber - 21st Century Leadership Academy

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