Bills Sponsored by Senator Hummel

SB 620 - Modifies and creates new provisions relating to unlawful discriminatory practices
SB 621 - Modifies provisions relating to workers' compensation for firefighters
SB 622 - Establishes the Alexandra and Brayden Anderson Electric Shock Drowning Prevention Act
SB 679 - Reduces the allowance given to certain taxpayers for the timely remittance of sales and withholding taxes
SB 680 - Modifies provisions relating to the minimum wage
SB 681 - Requires a student to receive instruction in Braille reading and writing as part of his or her individualized education plan unless instruction in Braille is determined not appropriate for the child
SB 901 - Reauthorizes two prostate cancer pilot programs
SB 902 - Allows the Firemen's Retirement System of the City of St. Louis to form agreements with other public retirement systems so that members may transfer creditable service
SB 937 - Repeals the Strengthening Missouri Families Act
SB 1059 - Creates the Education and Job Training Television Broadcast Fund for the purpose of education and job training
SB 1090 - Increases the motor fuel tax rate to $0.19/gallon on gasoline and $0.22/gallon on diesel fuel
HB 1893 - Modifies provisions relating to public auctions

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