Bills Sponsored by Senator Nasheed

SB 583 - Modifies provisions relating to costs reimbursed to county jails by the state
SB 584 - Modifies provisions relating to civil war property
SB 585 - Modifies provisions relating to unlawful discriminatory practices
SB 651 - Creates certain policies relating to police-worn cameras, funding, and stored data
SB 652 - Modifies provisions relating to county sheriffs
SB 653 - Allows the sheriff of the City of St. Louis to appoint deputies and assistants without the approval of a majority of circuit court judges of the City of St. Louis
SB 698 - Requires all genetically modified meat and fish raised and sold in Missouri to be labeled as genetically modified
SB 783 - Establishes the Missouri Promise Scholarship Act
SB 784 - Modifies the prohibition on certain use of electronic wireless communication devices while operating a motor vehicle
SB 785 - Creates provisions relating to student mental health at public institutions of higher education
SB 788 - Requires course materials and instruction relating to human sexuality and sexually transmitted diseases to contain information about sexual harassment, sexual violence, and consent
SB 789 - Creates the Missouri Care Counts Program to provide funding to public schools in St. Louis to purchase washing machines and dryers
SB 791 - Provides that knowingly inciting another to commit suicide is involuntary manslaughter in the second degree
SB 792 - Modifies provisions relating to prostitution
SB 801 - Modifies minimum wage law
SB 802 - Modifies provisions relating to women's and minority business enterprises
SB 803 - Regulates the use of physical restraints on pregnant or postpartum offenders
SB 804 - Reauthorizes the Donated Food tax credit and expands such credit to include donations to soup kitchens and homeless shelters
SB 828 - Modifies provisions relating to racial profiling in policing
SB 875 - Requires the reporting of firearms lost or stolen in the City of St. Louis
SB 925 - Classifies urban and community gardens as agricultural and horticultural property
SB 945 - Creates the Bill of Rights for the Homeless
SB 987 - Modifies provisions relating to public contracts for purchasing supplies
SB 993 - Authorizes the St. Louis City Treasurer to create an Office of Financial Empowerment
SB 994 - Creates new provisions relating to the internal operations of state government
SB 1026 - Creates requirements relating to the purchasing of firearms
SB 1054 - Enacts certain provisions relating to school districts
SB 1091 - Designates the "Rosa Parks Memorial Highway"
SCR 29 - Establishes the Joint Committee on the Transition of the St. Louis Public School District
SCR 44 - Declares youth violence a public health epidemic
HB 2140 - Modifies the law on public contracts
HCR 70 - Declares youth violence as a public health epidemic and declares June 7th as "Christopher Harris Day" in Missouri

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