SB 832 Modifies provisions relating to tort actions, specifically unlawful merchandising practices, products liability claims, and venue requirements
12/29/2017 Prefiled
1/3/2018 S First Read--SB 832-Rowden S69
1/18/2018 Second Read and Referred S Government Reform Committee S165
1/31/2018 Hearing Conducted S Government Reform Committee
2/7/2018 SCS Voted Do Pass S Government Reform Committee (5036S.04C)
2/12/2018 Reported from S Government Reform Committee w/SCS S287
2/26/2018 Bill placed on Informal Calendar S405
4/4/2018 SS for SCS S offered & withdrawn (Rowden)--(5036S.07F) S833-834
4/4/2018 SS#2 for SCS S offered (Rowden)--(5036S.08F) S834
4/4/2018 Point of order by Sen. Schaaf - while Sen. Rowden had the right to withdraw SS for SCS, he did not have the floor in order to offer a subsequent SS#2 for SCS as Sen. Schaaf feels he retains floor. Point of order taken under advisement. S834
4/4/2018 Bill placed on Informal Calendar S834
5/18/2018 Informal Calendar S Bills for Perfection--SB 832-Rowden, with SCS, SS#2 for SCS & point of order (pending)