SB 808 Modifies provisions relating to intoxicating liquor
12/18/2017 Prefiled
1/3/2018 S First Read--SB 808-Brown S67
1/17/2018 Second Read and Referred S Government Reform Committee S156
2/14/2018 Hearing Conducted S Government Reform Committee
2/21/2018 Voted Do Pass S Government Reform Committee
3/8/2018 Reported from S Government Reform Committee S600
3/28/2018 SA 1 S offered & adopted (Schatz)--(5515S01.01S) S779
3/28/2018 Perfected, as amended S779
3/29/2018 Reported Truly Perfected S Rules, Joint Rules, Resolutions and Ethics Committee S803
4/5/2018 S Third Read and Passed S857-858
4/9/2018 H First Read H1705
4/10/2018 H Second Read H1717
4/24/2018 Referred H General Laws H1986
5/1/2018 Voted Do Pass H General Laws
5/3/2018 HCS Reported Do Pass H General Laws H2502
5/3/2018 Referred H Rules - Legislative Oversight H2502
5/9/2018 HCS Voted Do Pass H Rules - Legislative Oversight
5/9/2018 HCS Reported Do Pass H Rules - Legislative Oversight H2792
5/11/2018 Bill Placed on Informal Calendar H2921
5/15/2018 HA 1 to HCS H offered & adopted (Bondon)--(5515H06.02H) H2982-2983
5/15/2018 HCS, as amended, H adopted H2983
5/15/2018 H Third Read and Passed H2983-2984 / S1990-1991
5/15/2018 S refuses to concur in HCS, as amended and requests H recede or grant conference H3107
5/15/2018 H refuses to recede and grants conference H3117 / S2153
5/15/2018 House conferees appointed: Bondon, Cornejo, Schroer, McCreery, Carpenter H3117 / S2153
5/17/2018 Senate conferees appointed: Brown, Munzlinger, Wasson, Rizzo, Sifton S2364 / H3372
5/18/2018 In Conference--SB 808-Brown, with HCS, as amended