Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal: Newsletter for the Week of May 4

After I have worked for five long years to ensure that children can receive a quality education, my school transfer program has passed out of the Senate after being amended onto another bill. The language of the bill is important. This language would allow a student to transfer to an accredited school within the student’s own district of residence that offers the student’s grade level. If those schools in the student’s district are full, the student can apply to a school in an adjoining district. This is an attempt to keep the student as close to home as possible. In the event that a school gains accreditation, this language would also allow students who transferred beforehand to stay in the transfer school. This is meant to keep students in schools where they have friends, know the teachers, are part of the school environment, and have been succeeding. At the end of the day, I believe that students should not be trapped in failing schools. Students should have the opportunity to succeed and this bill provides them one avenue to do just that in an accredited school close to home.