Senator Eigel Introduces Legislation to Ban Red Light Cameras in Missouri

Eigel-Press Release

JEFFERSON CITY – State Senator Bill Eigel, R-Weldon Spring, introduced Senate Bill 315 today, which if signed into law, would bar photo enforced cameras in the state of Missouri.

“Photo enforced cameras are a classic example of taxation by citation. The use of photo enforced cameras have not been proven to make our roads safer, and studies show photo-enforced cameras lead to more deadly head-on collisions.” said Sen. Eigel.

“The use of photo enforced cameras violate a citizens’ constitutional right to due process, and in some cases subject an owner of a vehicle to a punishment for a crime they themselves did not commit.”

In 2015, the Missouri Supreme Court struck down several local and municipal ordinances governing photo enforced cameras calling into question their legality.

Senator Bill Eigel represents the 23rd Senate District which includes parts of St. Charles County.