Senator Bob Dixon recognized for efforts to protect constitutional rights

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Jefferson City — The Missouri State Public Defender Commission and the Missouri State Public Defender presented Sen. Bob Dixon, R-Springfield, with the inaugural “Defender of the 6th Amendment Award” at the Missouri State Public Defender Annual Spring Training Awards Dinner on Thursday, March 9, 2017.

“I thank the Commission for its tremendous work,” said Sen. Dixon. “I take seriously my duty to protect our constitutional rights and to make our criminal justice system more accessible to Missourians from all backgrounds.”

As chairman of the Committee on the Judiciary and Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence, Sen. Dixon has advocated for policies that address court costs, proceedings and procedure, and has led efforts toward meaningful reform. 031417-244

Senator Dixon was recognized for his work in shepherding the Missouri Revised Criminal Code through the Legislature, reaching across the aisle to adopt much-needed legislation, understanding the need for compassion while strengthening public safety, respecting different viewpoints among the public and the Legislature, evaluating legislation on its merits, and upholding and protecting citizens’ rights under the United States and Missouri Constitutions.

“There is a reason that Sen. Dixon has been honored by both prosecutors and public defenders. He is deeply committed to fairness and is respectful of all provisions within the Constitution. The people of Missouri have benefitted greatly by his service,” said Michael Barrett, director of Missouri State Public Defender.