New Audio from Sen. Mike Cunningham for the Week of July 24: SB 5

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JEFFERSON CITY — State Sen. Mike Cunningham, R-Rogersville, discusses conclusion of the Second Extraordinary Session of the 99th General Assembly. Lawmakers have sent Senate Bill 5 to the governor. The measure seeks to modify several provisions relating to abortion.


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Cunningham-Podcast-072517 (3:50)

  1. Senator Cunningham says Missouri senators spent several hours on Senate Bill 5 before passing it.
    Cunningham-1-072517 (:30)
  2. Senator Cunningham adds the point of a new St. Louis law means no lights or sirens, if an ambulance is called to an abortion provider.
    Cunningham-2-072517 (:29)
  3. Senator Cunningham also says many of these facilities are not inspected.
    Cunningham-3-072517 (:29)
  4. Senator Cunningham says bill language that allows the state attorney general to step in on local cases does not mean the end of local control.
    Cunningham-4-072517 (:27)