Missouri Granted Real ID Compliance Extension

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Missouri Granted Real ID Compliance Extension

JEFFERSON CITY—Missourians will still be able to board a plane using their current Missouri driver’s license at least until October 2018. The Department of Homeland Security announced it has granted a federal extension to the Show-Me State. This gives the Department of Revenue time to make a Real ID compliant identification option available to all Missourians.

The Missouri General Assembly gave approval this spring to legislation giving Missourians the option of choosing a Real ID compliant license. House Bill 151 allows the Department of Revenue to amend procedures, which allows citizens to choose a Real ID compliant license option, but also keeps privacy provisions in place.

“The Legislature’s number one concern is protecting your rights as a citizen,” said Senate Leader Ron Richard, R-Joplin. “However, we wanted to create a path forward for Missourians who want to fly using a photo ID while still preserving the privacy of citizens who decide to keep using their current driver’s license. This legislation allowed for a balance between privacy and compliance, and I’m happy the Department of Homeland Security recognized our efforts to achieve that balance.”

For those citizens who prefer to use their current, noncompliant photo ID, there are still other options they can use to board a plane.

Missouri License Alternatives Compliant with Real ID

  • S. Passport
  • S. Passport Card (costs $55 and is valid for 10 years. Doesn’t allow for international air travel).
  • S. military ID
  • DHS trusted traveler cards (these can be obtained for a nominal fee, as low as $50 for a five year membership, and allow the holder to more quickly be processed through airport security).

The Department of Revenue will continue to work with DHS to make the Real ID compliant option available to all Missourians.

For more information on Sen. Richard or any of his legislation, please visit his Senate website at www.senate.mo.gov/richard.