Bills Sponsored by Senator Kraus

SB 16 - Exempts delivery charges from sales and use taxes
SB 17 - Phases out corporate income tax over 3 years
SB 18 - Modifies provisions relating to the collection of money by public entities
SB 84 - Restricts the use of cell site simulator devices
SB 85 - Restricts the storage and use as evidence of data collected through automated license plate reader systems by government entities
SB 86 - Adds the real property of a vineyard and related buildings to the definition of "agricultural and horticultural property" for property tax purposes
SB 130 - Requires the Department of Revenue to pay the taxpayers' attorneys' fees in income and sales and use tax cases when the taxpayer receives a favorable judgement
SB 131 - Requires only one motor vehicle license plate unless the owner is eligible to receive a second plate
SB 132 - Lowers the income tax rate
SB 246 - Modifies provisions of the Net Metering and Easy Connection Act
SB 247 - Modifies certain definitions for sales and use tax exemptions
SB 248 - Repeals the expiration date for tax refund contributions to the Organ Donor Program Fund
SB 279 - Adds certain forms to the list of documents sufficient to demonstrate eligibility for a veteran designation on an applicant's driver's license or non-driver identification card
SB 325 - Abrogates the findings in IBM Corporation v. Director of Revenue 491 S.W.3d 535 (Mo. banc 2016)
SB 326 - Creates new provisions relating to low-profit limited liability corporations
SB 347 - Establishes procedures for a claimant in an action for damages due to asbestos exposure to disclose additional claims the claimant has filed with an asbestos trust
SB 479 - Modifies provisions relating to sales taxes on manufactured homes
SB 480 - Allows retailers of intoxicating liquors to transport products to and from a central warehouse
SB 521 - Modifies provisions relating to the taxation of certain partnerships
SJR 14 - Enacts term limits for all statewide elected officials
SJR 17 - Requires the Jackson County assessor to be an elected officer
SR 270 - Urges Congress to repeal the REAL ID Act of 2005
HB 105 - Repeals the expiration date for tax refund contributions to the Organ Donor Program Fund
HB 849 - Modifies provisions regarding financial transaction reporting so that certain requirements of transportation development districts also apply to political subdivisions
HB 850 - Modifies the complaint process for members of the state military forces
HB 871 - Renames the Missouri reserve military force the Missouri state defense force

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