Bills Sponsored by Senator Holsman

SB 55 - Establishes the Empowerment Microgrants Program and Board to provide grants to persons living in impoverished areas who engage in urban agriculture
SB 56 - Allows marijuana to be produced, distributed, and consumed for medicinal purposes
SB 57 - Modifies the definition of "customer-generator" in the Net Metering and Easy Connection Act
SB 109 - Modifies provisions relating to solar energy systems in certain planned communities
SB 110 - Modifies provisions relating to vacant nuisance properties in Kansas City
SB 342 - Establishes a Missouri Earned Income Tax Credit
SB 392 - Changes the business hours of distilleries who offer drinks at retail on their premises
SB 424 - Defines "motorcycle profiling" and creates regulations to eliminate motorcycle profiling
SB 437 - Modifies provisions of law relating to voting machines for persons who are blind or visually-impaired
SB 438 - Designates the month of February as “Earthquake Awareness Month”
SB 458 - Modifies provisions of the Missouri Energy Efficiency and Investment Act
SB 459 - Creates the Missouri Energy Freedom Act
SB 460 - Modifies provisions relating to the selection of chairpersons for zoning or planning commissions
SB 461 - Extends the sunset on the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Refueling Property and Electric Vehicle Recharging Property tax credit
SB 483 - Adds a requirement for motor vehicles to stop at railroad tracks when on-track equipment other than a train is approaching
SCR 9 - Calls for an Article V Convention for the purpose of regulating elections
SJR 10 - Modifies certain constitutional amendments relating to members of the General Assembly

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