Bills assigned to Transportation, Infrastructure and Public Safety

SB 8 - Munzlinger - Enacts provisions relating to transportation
SB 24 - Chappelle-Nadal - Modifies provisions relating to racial profiling in policing
SB 25 - Curls - Modifies provisions relating to public safety
SB 26 - Curls - Allows Kansas City to employ airport police officers
SB 34 - Cunningham - Modifies and creates new provisions relating to criminal offenses
SB 38 - Silvey - Modifies control and maintenance of the supplementary state highway system
SB 61 - Hegeman - Modifies provisions regulating the use of flashing lights by certain stationary vehicles on roads
SB 64 - Schatz - Gives designation to certain infrastructure
SB 65 - Schatz - Exempts vessels propelled by outboard jet motors and vessels not originally manufactured with adequate guards or railing from the provisions prohibiting passengers from riding in certain areas of a boat
SB 85 - Kraus - Restricts the storage and use as evidence of data collected through automated license plate reader systems by government entities
SB 89 - Chappelle-Nadal - Creates the crimes of failing to stop illegal firearm possession, negligent storage of a firearm, and failure to notify a school of firearm ownership
SB 131 - Kraus - Requires only one motor vehicle license plate unless the owner is eligible to receive a second plate
SB 152 - Schupp - Modifies provisions relating to the sale of firearms by licensed dealers
SB 156 - Munzlinger - Modifies provisions relating to animals
SB 163 - Romine - Prohibits two-way telecommunications devices and their component parts in correctional centers and jails
SB 165 - Schupp - Applies ban on using cell phones for text messaging while driving a motor vehicle to all drivers
SB 172 - Romine - Modifies titles that may be issued for motor vehicles previously issued a junking certificate
SB 180 - Nasheed - Limits the use of physical restraints on pregnant or postpartum offenders
SB 181 - Nasheed - Requires the reporting of lost or stolen firearms
SB 185 - Onder - Enacts provisions relating to transportation network companies
SB 187 - Hegeman - Adds stationary utility vehicles to the list of vehicles requiring drivers of motor vehicles to proceed with caution upon approach
SB 198 - Schaaf - Enacts a regulatory scheme for weigh station and inspection site bypass services
SB 211 - Wasson - Creates the Office of Resilience and Recovery within the Office of Administration
SB 222 - Riddle - Modifies provisions relating to motorized vehicles
SB 225 - Schatz - Modifies provisions relating to transportation
SB 233 - Wallingford - Creates and modifies certain laws relating to emergency communication services
SB 239 - Rowden - Modifies certain provisions relating to licensure for the distribution and sale of alcohol
SB 243 - Hegeman - Modifies provisions relating to following distance for vehicles using a connected braking system
SB 253 - Nasheed - Modifies the prohibition on certain use of electronic wireless communication devices while operating a motor vehicle
SB 265 - Schatz - Creates the "Blue Alert System" for notifying the public when law enforcement officers are seriously injured or killed
SB 282 - Hegeman - Modifies provisions relating to public safety
SB 297 - Hummel - Establishes the "Alexandra and Brayden Anderson Electric Shock Drowning Prevention Act"
SB 302 - Wieland - Modifies provisions relating to certain local districts
SB 311 - Wasson - Allows the assessed valuation of any tractor or trailer used in inter-jurisdictional commerce to be apportioned to Missouri based on the average per vehicle distance chart provided under the International Registration Plan
SB 314 - Schatz - Establishes the Narcotics Control Act
SB 315 - Eigel - Requires in-person notice of most traffic violations, and prohibits automated traffic enforcement and fine collection
SB 318 - Sifton - Applies the offense of unlawful possession of firearms to certain additional categories of individuals in possession of firearms
SB 321 - Hegeman - Allows evidence of failure to wear a seatbelt for comparative negligence or to mitigate damages in actions for damages
SB 322 - Wieland - Designates certain memorial infrastructure
SB 323 - Brown - Specifies when persons operating or riding a motorcycle or motortricycle must wear protective headgear
SB 324 - Silvey - Expands the requirement for children to wear personal flotation devices
SB 340 - Schupp - Establishes the Narcotics Control Act
SB 345 - Nasheed - Creates certain policies relating to police-worn cameras, funding, and stored data
SB 355 - Romine - Enacts provisions relating to higher education
SB 367 - Rowden - Applies all current motorcycle and all-terrain vehicle franchise practice provisions to "powersport vehicles"
SB 369 - Rowden - Modifies provisions relating to school bus drivers
SB 379 - Schatz - Modifies the definition of "autocycle" and modifies certain safety requirements for autocycles
SB 380 - Riddle - Requires that the Department of Transportation utility corridor be 12 feet wide with the location determined by the State Highways and Transportation Commission
SB 391 - Munzlinger - Specifies that a commercial motor vehicle's use of a specially-designated route shall not be deemed a nuisance or evidence of a nuisance
SB 399 - Romine - Modifies provisions relating to transportation
SB 419 - Riddle - Requires inclusion of information on traffic stops and constitutional rights in driver training programs and information provided to first-time license recipients
SB 420 - Riddle - Provides that a motorcycle, motortricycle, or motorized bicycle may be operated on the shoulder of a roadway under certain circumstances
SB 424 - Holsman - Defines "motorcycle profiling" and creates regulations to eliminate motorcycle profiling
SB 435 - Cunningham - Establishes a motor fuel tax on propane fuel used to propel motor vehicles
SB 439 - Riddle - Provides that certain applicants need only furnish proof of their disability one time to receive or renew a disabled veteran license plate bearing a wheelchair accessibility symbol
SB 449 - Wieland - Specifies who is eligible to be a member of a board of port authority commissioners
SB 451 - Nasheed - Designates the Sheriff of the City of St. Louis and deputies as law enforcement officers eligible for certain training and licensure
SB 457 - Eigel - Removes certain roads from the responsibility of the state highways and transportation commission and directs certain sales and use tax funds into the state road fund
SB 474 - Schatz - Specifies circumstances under which an employment variance may be granted to an ignition interlock device requirement
SB 483 - Holsman - Adds a requirement for motor vehicles to stop at railroad tracks when on-track equipment other than a train is approaching
SB 498 - Nasheed - Establishes a partnership between the St. Louis school district, the city of St. Louis, and nonprofit organizations to allow students who are picked up by a law enforcement officer or safety officer for being absent from school to be taken to the nonprofit organization
SB 503 - Munzlinger - Requires the Committee for 911 Oversight to designate a state 911 coordinator
SB 510 - Dixon - Modifies provisions relating to operation of motor vehicles
SB 515 - Munzlinger - Extends the period during which an annual fee shall be collected from businesses dealing in petroleum products
SB 522 - Sifton - Requires school buses to be equipped with safety belts
SB 542 - Schatz - Modifies the civil penalty for violating certain underground facility safety standards
SB 543 - Schatz - Modifies the civil penalty for violating federally mandated natural gas safety standards
SJR 3 - Schaaf - Amends the Constitution to modify state highway maintenance by instituting a motor fuel tax and restoring certain state highways to local control
HB 61 - Alferman - Designates a bridge on a portion of State Highway 100 in Franklin County as the "Lyndon Ebker Memorial Bridge".
HB 85 - Redmon - Adds utility vehicles to the list of vehicles covered under the "Move Over Law"
HB 90 - Rehder - Establishes the Narcotics Control Act
HB 128 - Davis - Designates several memorial highways
HB 130 - Mathews - Enacts provisions relating to transportation network companies
HB 162 - Eggleston - Modifies the penalty for a willfully or knowingly causing excess drainage onto public roads
HB 181 - Phillips - Permits agents of the Conservation Commission and water patrol to enforce certain laws relating to littering and abandoning motor vehicles, and requires law enforcement officers to enforce those laws
HB 183 - Franks Jr. - Designates every June 7th as "Christopher Harris Day"
HB 207 - Fitzwater - Prohibits two-way telecommunications devices and their component parts in correctional centers and jails
HB 225 - Shumake - Allows camping trailers more than twenty-five years old to be permanently registered and be issued historic trailer license plates
HB 256 - Rhoads - Removes restrictions on when amber or white lights may be used on motor vehicles and equipment performing work for the department of transportation
HB 275 - Spencer - Enacts provisions relating to transportation regulations
HB 293 - Higdon - Prohibits use of hand-held electronic wireless communications devices by persons transporting passengers in motor vehicles for compensation
HB 302 - Hill - Modifies provisions relating to emergency responders
HB 380 - Plocher - Modifies provisions relating to traffic violations, municipal judges, and court reporter fees
HB 542 - Korman - Modifies provisions relating to compliance with federal transportation laws
HB 558 - Ross - Enacts provisions relating to water safety
HB 576 - McCaherty - Enacts provisions relating to the operation of motorcycles and motortricycles
HB 586 - Rhoads - Prohibits peer support specialists from disclosing any confidential communication properly entrusted to the counselor by law enforcement and emergency personnel while receiving counseling
HB 645 - Phillips - Allows retired police officers to return to work when a disaster or emergency has been proclaimed by the governor or there is a national disaster
HB 664 - Korman - Modifies provisions relating to vehicle lighting equipment
HB 678 - Gannon - Designates the USMA Cadet Thomas M. Surdyke Memorial Highway, the Sherman Brown Jr. Memorial Highway, the Edward F. Dixon The Third Memorial Highway, the Lyndon Ebker Memorial Bridge, and the Veterans-Heroes Highway
HB 694 - Redmon - Establishes a motor fuel tax on propane fuel used to propel motor vehicles
HB 697 - Trent - Modifies the law regarding the Amber Alert System and establishes Hailey's Law
HB 700 - Cookson - Designates the Narvel Felts Highway, the Lyndon Ebker Memorial Bridge, and the USMA Cadet Thomas M. Surdyke Memorial Highway
HB 701 - Burns - Designates a portion of State Highway 231 in St. Louis as the "Veterans-Heroes Highway"
HB 805 - Basye - Modifies provisions relating to combat decoration license plate recognition
HB 811 - Ruth - Allows a port authority to establish an advanced industrial manufacturing zone in an area within the port authority's ownership or control, and allows a port authority to expand or contract the area of an AIM zone by resolution
HB 824 - Reiboldt - Modifies the definition of autocycle
HB 964 - Kendrick - Designates the Sherman Brown Jr. Memorial Highway