Bills assigned to Seniors, Families and Children

SB 28 - Sater - Requires the Department of Social Services to apply for a global waiver for MO HealthNet
SB 41 - Wallingford - Provides protection for alternatives-to-abortion agencies
SB 51 - Walsh - Establishes a language assessment program for children who are deaf or hard of hearing from birth through the age of eight
SB 67 - Onder - Modifies provisions of law relating to abortion, including donation of fetal tissue, tissue reports, abortion reports, employee disclosure policies, and abortion facility inspections
SB 71 - Schupp - Modifies several provisions relating to abortion, including the 72-hour waiting period, physician privileges, and ambulatory surgical center requirements
SB 96 - Sater - Prohibits certain selective abortions relating to sex, race, or Down Syndrome
SB 103 - Wallingford - Requires elder abuse investigators to provide specified written materials to alleged perpetrators
SB 104 - Wallingford - Modifies procedures in guardianship and conservator proceedings for incapacitated or disabled persons
SB 139 - Sater - Modifies provisions relating to health care
SB 160 - Sater - Modifies provisions relating to child protection
SB 174 - Schaaf - Creates a voluntary replacement alternative program for children's vaccines that do not contain human DNA content
SB 192 - Wallingford - Establishes the Senior Services Growth and Development Program
SB 195 - Koenig - Establishes the Supporting and Strengthening Families Act relating to guardianships and modifies provisions regarding child abuse and neglect and foster care
SB 196 - Koenig - Grants the Attorney General concurrent original jurisdiction to enforce the state's abortion laws
SB 218 - Nasheed - Establishes the Missouri Emergency Solutions Grants Program to address the problem of homelessness in Missouri
SB 230 - Riddle - Requires referrals for out of state abortions to be accompanied by specified printed materials
SB 245 - Sater - Requires health carriers and health care providers to establish and participate in shared savings incentive programs
SB 268 - Schupp - Creates a right to unpaid leave for employees that are affected by domestic violence
SB 291 - Rowden - Creates new provisions granting paid parental leave to state employees
SB 301 - Wallingford - Modifies mandated reporting requirements for sexual assault victims in long-term care facilities
SB 334 - Sater - Modifies provisions relating to public health and insurance
SB 335 - Hoskins - Modifies the definition of a service dog
SB 343 - Libla - Changes the period after which a foster parent may adopt a foster child from nine months to six months
SB 363 - Chappelle-Nadal - Modifies provisions relating to long-term care facilities
SB 374 - Hummel - Modifies the penalties for any person whose animal chases, harasses, or otherwise prevents a service dog from carrying out its duties
SB 375 - Hoskins - Changes the law regarding consent for a minor to obtain an abortion
SB 377 - Wallingford - Adds a rebuttable presumption that equal or approximately equal parenting time with each parent is in the best interests of the child
SB 408 - Koenig - Requires the use of a fetal heartbeat detection test prior to an abortion and prohibits an abortion if a fetal heartbeat is detected
SB 423 - Sater - Removes the termination date for the MO Rx Prescription Drug Program
SB 432 - Koenig - Modifies provisions of law relating to custody of in vitro human embryos
SB 433 - Sater - Modifies and creates provisions relating to the MO HealthNet pharmacy program
SB 477 - Riddle - Modifies the Statewide Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program to provide financial assistance for hearing aids as well as support service providers for deaf-blind children and adults
SB 501 - Sater - Modifies provisions relating to health care
SB 523 - Sater - Modifies provisions relating to criminal background checks for child care providers
SB 531 - Hoskins - Provides for patient due process for persons receiving services from the Division of Developmental Disabilities
SB 535 - Wallingford - Modifies provisions relating to child abuse investigations
HB 66 - Ruth - Expands the newborn screening requirements to include spinal muscular atrophy and Hunter syndrome
HB 174 - Hubrecht - Preempts political subdivision authority regarding abortion in specified scenarios
HB 194 - Franklin - Modifies provisions of law relating to abortion
HB 227 - Hubrecht - Establishes the Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact
HB 260 - Brown - Modifies provisions relating to the protection of certain vulnerable persons
HB 262 - Sommer - Modifies the definition of a service dog
HB 270 - Evans - Modifies the law regarding the age of individuals entering a marriage
HB 1158 - Franklin - Modifies provisions relating to child abuse