SB 405
Modifies provisions relating to public safety
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5/4/2017 - Referred H Rules - Administrative Oversight
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August 28, 2017
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Current Bill Summary

HCS/SCS/SB 405 - This act modifies provisions relating to public safety.

SENIOR CITIZENS' SERVICES FUND (Section 67.990 & 67.993)

The act modifies the Senior Citizens' Services Fund by requiring St. Louis City to expend such fund deposits only in accordance with the budget approved by the Fund's board of directors. The act allows the board to administer grants and enter into agreements on behalf of the fund, as long as its actions are in the fund's best interests.

These provisions are similar to provisions of HCS/SB 373 (2017).


Currently, members of emergency services boards must be appointed by the county commission upon an affirmative vote of a telephone tax to administer the funds and oversee central dispatching for emergency services. This act allows the Clay County Commission to appoint board members to oversee central dispatching for emergency services at the request of the municipalities and other political subdivisions which have contracted for the dispatching for emergency services, without the affirmative vote of a telephone tax. The board shall consist of ten members as set forth in this act, and the board shall have all powers and duties relating to the provision of central dispatching service.

These provisions are similar to provisions of SCS/HCS/HB 334 (2017) and HB 1136 (2017).

COAL ASH (Sections 260.242-260.244)

This act gives the Department of Natural Resources the authority to promulgate rules for the management and risk-based closure of coal combustion residual surface impoundments and landfills. Such rules shall meet certain requirements as set forth in this act, and the Department shall have the authority to assess a one-time fee of $1600 per surficial acre, and an annual fee not to exceed $500 per acre for acres not officially closed beginning January 1, 2019. All funds received under this act shall be deposited into the Coal Combustion Residual Subaccount of the Solid Waste Management Fund and shall be dedicated to the Department for conducting activities relating to such impoundments and landfills.

Currently, all fly ash produced by coal combustion generating facilities shall be exempt from solid waste permitting requirements if such fly ash is reused or disposed of an inactive noncoal, non-open-pit mining operation located in a certain area, and is not considered hazardous waste. This act repeals this provision.

These provisions are similar to provisions of SCS/HB 571 (2017).