SB 267
Allows the City of Eureka to adopt a sales tax for improved public safety
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5/12/2017 - Informal Calendar S Bills for Perfection--SB 267-Schatz, with SCS
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SCS SB 267
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August 28, 2017

Current Bill Summary

SCS/SB 267 - This act allows the city of Eureka to adopt a city sales tax, subject to voter approval, to provide for improved public safety. Any tax adopted by Eureka pursuant to this section shall automatically expire at the end of 2038 at which point Eureka will no longer be able to adopt a public safety sales tax.

This act is substantially similar to HB 589 (2017) and to a provision contained in CCS#2/HCS/SCS/SB 112 (2017), and is similar to a provision contained in HCS#2/HBs 48 et al. (2017), HCS/SB 114 (2017), HCS/SS/SB 124 (2017), and HCS/SB 134 (2017).