SB 1
Creates new provisions permitting taxpayers to claim a tax credit for making certain campaign contributions
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1/24/2017 - Hearing Conducted S Rules, Joint Rules, Resolutions and Ethics Committee
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August 28, 2017

Current Bill Summary

SB 1 - This act establishes the Taxation with Representation Act. Under the provisions of this act, beginning in 2018 any taxpayer eligible to vote in Missouri may claim a tax credit called a "representation credit." The amount of this credit shall be equal to the lesser of 100 dollars or the sum of up to five contributions the person made during the taxable year to any combination of the following:

• A county political party committee;

• The candidate committee of a candidate for state representative;

• The candidate committee of a candidate for state senator; or

• The candidate committee of a candidate for any statewide office.

The maximum representation credit amount shall increase yearly based upon the Consumer Price Index.

Representation credits shall only be granted if the claimant submits to the Department of Revenue a receipt form certified by an officer, candidate, or treasurer of the committee that received the qualifying contribution. It shall be a Class A misdemeanor to certify any such receipt form when knowing any of its statements or affirmations to be inaccurate.

No person shall seek a refund of any contribution for which that person has claimed a representation credit, nor shall a representation credit be claimed for any contribution that has been refunded. A person who knowingly violates this provision shall be guilty of a Class A misdemeanor.

It shall be a Class A misdemeanor to use any offer of compensation, consideration, or reward to a taxpayer in an attempt to motivate such taxpayer to make a contribution to any committee if the taxpayer would be eligible to subsequently claim a representation credit for the contribution.

The Department of Revenue is required to administer the granting of representation credits and is required to promulgate forms and rules permitting as much.

The Missouri Ethics Commission is required to enforce the provisions of this act and may request the assistance of the Department of Revenue in doing so. The Commission is further required to publish an annual report on the usage of representation credits. The identity of persons claiming representation credits shall remain confidential and shall not be considered a public record.