Truly Agreed to and Finally Passed

CCS/SB 503 - This act modifies provisions relating to emergency services.


The act modifies the designations and duties of state and regional EMS medical directors, including that regional EMS directors shall be considered public officials for certain purposes, the state EMS medical director's advisory committee shall be considered a peer review committee and eligible to participate in certain programs, allowing regional medical directors to provide medical direction by telecommunication, and provisions allowing regional medical directors to promulgate treatment protocols for patients with special needs and requiring EMS agencies to follow those protocols.

These provisions are identical to provisions of SCS/SB 418 (2017) and HCS/HB 226 (2017), and are similar to provisions of HCS/SS/SB 124, SS/SCS/HCS/HBs 302 & 228, and HCS/HB 1044 (2017).


The act provides that no emergency medical technician shall be liable, if acting in good faith and without gross negligence, for the administration of a patient's personal medication when deemed necessary.

This provision is identical to provisions of HCS/SS/SB 124 (2017), HCS/HB 226 (2017), and HCS/HB 1044 (2017).


The act requires that the Department of Public Safety shall conduct a study by December 31, 2017, relating to 911 answering points and issue a state public safety answering point consolidation plan based upon the study.

This provision is identical to a provision of SCS/HCS/HB 334 (2017)

MISSOURI 911 SERVICE BOARD - Sec. 650.320, 650.325, & 630.330

The act changes the name of the Advisory Committee for 911 Service Oversight to the Missouri 911 Service Board.

The number of Board members is reduced from 16 to 15, and the composition of the Board is changed. The Board shall have no authority over certain emergency communications services providers. No corporation or its affiliate shall have more than one member on the Board, subject to the exception that all members appointed as of August 28, 2017, shall continue to serve the remainder of their terms. Additional new powers and responsibilities of the Board are specified including compliance with federal standards, coordinating services, planning and implementing improvements to technological systems, and collaborating with other bodies of state government.

The Board is required to designate a coordinator who shall be responsible for overseeing state 911 operations.

A deadline relating to rulemaking authority is modified and extended to August 28, 2017.

The section modifying the Missouri 911 Service Board contains an emergency clause.

These provisions are similar to a provision of SS#2/SCS/HCS/HBs 302 & 228 (2017) and HB 1009 (2017).


The act authorizes the State Auditor to conduct performance and fiscal audits of any board, dispatch center, joint emergency communications entity, or trust fund involving emergency 911 service.

This provision is identical to a provision of SCS/HCS/HB 334 (2017).


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