SCS/SB 309 - This act changes provisions regarding the retirement system for prosecuting and circuit attorneys.

When a county votes to make the office of prosecuting attorney a full time position then the position shall qualify for the same retirement benefits as a full time prosecutor of a first class county and such county shall make the same contributions to the Prosecuting Attorneys and Circuit Attorneys' Retirement Fund (PACARS) as paid by a first class county.

The term "compensation" as used in the PACARS retirement statutes shall include any salary reduction amounts under a cafeteria plan or a deferred compensation plan, but not include reimbursement for any expenses, consideration for agreeing to terminate employment, or any unusual payment not part of regular work pay.

Beginning on January 1, 2018, all members who are eligible to receive an annuity equal to fifty percent of the final average compensation upon retirement will contribute two percent of their salary to the fund, and beginning in 2020 such members shall contribute four percent of salary to the fund. Upon retirement and at the discretion of the board of trustees, a member can receive a lump sum of his or her total contribution not to exceed twenty-five percent of average pay, in addition to any retirement benefits.

A person who becomes a member on or after January 1, 2019, may retire with a normal annuity with twelve or more years of service and reaching the age of sixty-five. Upon termination of employment such member is entitled to a deferred normal annuity payable at age sixty.

A former member who has forfeited creditable service may have the service restored again, in addition to requirements under current law, by becoming a an employee within ten years of termination and contributing an amount to the retirement fund equal to any lump sum payment of contributions received upon termination of service.

Retired members shall receive each year a cost of living increase of at least two percent and not to exceed four percent, rather than not to exceed two percent in any year.

All members serving in a first class county, charter county, St. Louis City, or in an county who has elected to make the position of prosecuting attorney a full time position shall receive one year of creditable service for each year served as a full time prosecuting attorney. A member serving as a part-time prosecuting attorney shall receive six-tenths of a year of creditable service for each year served.

A member who vested as a part time prosecuting attorney and ceased being a member for more than six months before returning as a full time prosecuting attorney shall be entitled only to part time benefits, and any creditable service earned as a full time prosecutor shall begin a new vesting period. A member cannot receive benefits while employed as a prosecuting attorney.

These provisions are substantially similar to HB 2538 (2016) and to provisions contained in HCS/SB 639 (2016).


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