SB 44 - This act creates the Career and Technical Education Certification (CTEC) Program. The purpose of the program is to provide students with the necessary technical employability skills to be prepared for an entry-level career in a technical field or additional training in a technical field.

The State Board of Education shall establish a procedure by which a student may receive credit toward graduation for completing a CTEC offering, which shall include but shall not be limited to an industry certification, a state-issued professional license, an occupational competency assessment, or a CTEC exam, as defined in the act.

The Career and Technical Education Advisory Council shall annually approve and publish a list of such CTEC offerings. During the approval process the Council shall ensure that the curriculum and programs of study developed by local districts for the career and technical education certificate are compatible with the CTEC offerings. The Council shall also develop an application form that may be used by the business and industry communities, local school districts, or institutions of higher education to include new CTEC offerings.

This act also modifies the composition of the Career and Technical Education Advisory Council by adding the director of the Department of Economic Development, or his or her designee.

This act also requires the Council to encourage local employers to participate in college and career fairs hosted by local school districts, and to cooperate with local school districts to ensure that the curriculum for the career and technical education certificate includes programs of study and course offerings that will lead to industry-recognized certificates or credentials.


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