SB 280
Requires the Department of Revenue to issue both REAL ID compliant and noncompliant driver's licenses and identification cards
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5/12/2017 - Informal Calendar S Bills for Perfection--SB 280-Hoskins, with SCS
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SCS SB 280
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Emergency Clause

Current Bill Summary

SCS/SB 280 - This act requires the Department of Revenue to amend its procedures for applying for a driver's license or identification card ("DL/ID") in order to comply with the federal REAL ID Act.

Applicants will have the option to choose between a REAL-compliant DL/ID and one that does not comply with the federal requirements. The Department must notify applicants of the differences between the DL/IDs, including where and by whom the DL/IDs are accepted as valid identification, and whether the applicant's source documents and biometric information will be retained.

Except as necessary to comply with the REAL ID Act of 2005, the Department of Revenue shall not retain copies or digital images of source documents.

The Department of Revenue shall not sell applicants' data for commercial purposes, and shall not participate in any other standardized identification system using driver's license and nondriver license records.

If the REAL ID Act is amended or repealed such that non-compliant licenses and identification cards are once again sufficient for federal identification, the Department of Revenue shall stop issuing compliant licenses and cards and securely destroy any documents retained for purposes of compliance.

This act contains an emergency clause.

This act is similar to provisions in SS#2/HCS/HB 151 (2017), HB 570 (2017), HB 685 (2017), HB 1032 (2017), SS/SCS/SBs 37 & 244 (2017), SB 361 (2017), SB 902 (2016), HB 2131 (2016), HB 2138 (2016), and HCS/HB 2235 (2016).