SCR 1 Appoints members of the General Assembly to the Inauguration Committee
1/4/2017 S offered--SCR 1-Richard S54
1/5/2017 S adopted S67
1/5/2017 Reported to the House H198-199
1/9/2017 H adopted H205
1/9/2017 H Inaugural Committee appointed: Richardson, Haahr, Cierpiot, Austin, Fraker, Engler, Walker, Gannon, Fitzwater (144), Haefner, Anderson, Hubrecht, Barnes (60, Franks, Conway (10), Brown (27), Quade, Arthur H205 / S83
1/9/2017 S Inaugural Committee appointed: Richard, Schaaf, Munzlinger, Wasson, Dixon, Kraus, Brown, Kehoe, Sater, Emery, Cunningham, Silvey, Wallingford, Romine, Hegeman, Onder, Walsh, Curls S84