Senator Wayne Wallingford – Legislative Column for the Week of Jan. 25, 2016

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Moving Forward With My Legislation (Part II)

This week I would like to pick up where we left off with the last column, and outline the next 10 pieces of legislation I have introduced so far this Session. Even though this list shows my complete portfolio of 2016 bills, I am still working on and plan to introduce even more proposals before the end of the Second Regular Session in May.

Here are the 10 most recent bills I have proposed for this Session, which are currently working their way through committee hearings and floor debate:

  • SB 826 – Modifies provisions regarding professional nursing and collaborative practice agreements and grants more medical responsibility to registered professional nurses.
  • SB 832 – Modifies provisions relating to business filing fees and the Secretary of State’s associated fees.
  • SB 839 – Provides for the certification of euthanasia technicians, tightening the qualifications for who is allowed to administer controlled euthanasia substances to animals.
  • SB 871 – Modifies provisions relating to emergency communications services and creates the “Silver Alert System” to aid in identifying missing endangered people.
  • SB 918 – Provides that a juvenile’s attorney must have the right to be heard on a request against using restraints on the juvenile during court proceedings.
  • SB 936 – Requires an insurer to send an insured written notification of policy renewal at least 30 days prior to the start of the new policy.
  • SB 937 – Extends the authority for regional jail districts to impose a sales tax until Sept. 30, 2027, as the authority ended in September of last year and needs to be renewed.
  • SB 938 – Allows the creation and issuance of insurance policies covering earthquake loss under the Missouri Basic Property Insurance Placement Facility Plan.
  • SB 963 – Adds to the list of crimes that make an individual eligible for placement on the central registry for child abuse and neglect the following offenses: sexual exploitation of a minor, possession of child pornography, furnishing pornographic materials to minors, using a child in sexual performances and promoting sexual performance by a child. This bill also modifies provisions relating to child custody and the clerk of court’s procedural standards.
  • SB 964 – Modifies provisions of law relating to child custody orders as they pertain to the amount of time each parent will be allowed contact with the child.

This and last week’s column make up the total list of bills that I have proposed so far this Session, but it is not the total list of bills I plan on proposing before May. I still have multiple goals set for my legislation in the coming months and will continue to introduce bill proposals that better the quality of life for the residents of the 27th District and all Missourians.

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