Senator Jill Schupp – Democrats Announce Plan to “Move Missouri Forward”

MO Seal - Black and White (large)Missouri Senate

Minority Caucus

State Capitol, Room 318-B

Jefferson City, MO 65101

Platform centers on core Democratic values of opportunity, equity and compassion

JEFFERSON CITY – Today, Democrats in the state House and Senate joined together to release their plan to “Move Missouri Forward.”  The legislative slate is both a statement of core Democratic values as well as a reaction to the Republican majority’s assault on the middle class and Missouri’s working families.

“As we move into the 2016 legislative session, a unified Democratic Party is ready to fight for a Missouri that is more equitable for every citizen of our great state,” said Senate Minority Leader Joe Keaveny (D-St. Louis). “We believe our plan to Move Missouri Forward is the best opportunity to work with the Majority Caucus to pass reasonable legislation that will help hard working families, provide the necessary resources to educate our children, and restore public trust in their government.”

The “Moving Missouri Forward” platform will transform the state, both economically and socially, by ensuring that workers are protected from discrimination, paid a living wage, and given equal pay for equal work.  The legislative slate also expands access to healthcare for the working poor, provides resources to police departments to purchase body cameras, assists Missouri’s agricultural economy, ensures full funding of our public schools, and bans all lobbyists’ gifts to legislators and their staffs.

“We want to leave a better Missouri for future generations,” said Keaveny. “It’s time we prove to our constituents that we can work together on their behalf to make Missouri better for every citizen.”

The eight Senate bills comprising the “Moving Missouri Forward” platform include:

  • SB 653 (Nondiscrimination Act – Keaveny)
  • SB 952 (Equal Pay for Equal Work – Walsh)
  • SB 953 (Minimum Wage – Schupp)
  • SB 955 (Lobbyist Gift Ban – Sifton)
  • SB 958 (Farm-To-Table – Holsman)
  • SB 961 (Medicaid Expansion – Nasheed)
  • SB 962 (Body Cameras – Curls)
  • SJR 37 (Constitutional Amendment to Fully Fund the Formula – Chappelle-Nadal)