Senate Fortifies Missourians’ Second Amendment Rights


JEFFERSON CITY — The Missouri Senate today truly agreed and finally passed legislation that fortifies Missourians’ Second Amendment rights. Senate Bill 656 enables any citizen legally allowed to possess a firearm to carry a firearm on their person without first obtaining a state permit. The bill would also modify Missouri’s “Duty to Retreat” requirements to allow individuals to use deadly force in public spaces to protect themselves from physical threats.

“I am glad to have authored and supported the Duty to Retreat legislation that was included in this bill. Senate Bill 656 is a huge step forward for all Missourians and the Second Amendment,” Senator Schaefer, R-Columbia, said. “The citizens of this state need to be able to protect themselves from serious harm wherever they might be, because dangerous threats do not only occur within the confines of homes and cars.”

Under current Missouri law, individuals are allowed to use deadly force to defend themselves only on private properties, such as a home, a car or an owned business. Senate Bill 656 would expand this range to include all public areas as well, and would enable Missourians to protect themselves in places like public streets and parking garages.

“Plain and simple, this legislation is about enabling Missourians to protect their lives and the lives of their loved ones,” Senator Schaefer said. “People need to be able to defend themselves in areas where they have a legal right to be.”