Senator Mike Parson’s Legislative Column: Burdensome Regulations: Time to Scrub Missouri Clean

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January 15, 2016           

Every American taxpayer will spend an estimated 77 days per year working just to cover the cost of unneeded federal regulations. The cost of federal regulations to the economy is $1.86 trillion per year, according to the Competitive Enterprise Institute. This amount is more than Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and Obamacare, combined.

In an effort to combat the overreach of the federal government, I introduced Senate Bill 593. This act provides any federal regulation not specifically authorized by federal law will not take effect in Missouri until the General Assembly authorizes it. My hope is to pass this year a bill preventing the future implementation of any federal regulation causing a hardship on Missouri citizens.

This effort goes hand in hand with efforts in Washington, D.C., to remove from the federal code excessive regulations. Last week the U.S. House of Representatives passed the SCRUB Act by a vote of 245-174. This bill would create a temporary commission to identify harmful, duplicative and outdated regulations for repeal. Any new regulations proposed by government agencies would have to be offset by eliminating the regulations identified by the commission. SCRUB is an acronym meaning Searching-for and Cutting Regulations that are Unnecessarily Burdensome.

Senate Bill 593 was heard before the Governmental Accountability and Fiscal Oversight Committee on January 13, 2016.

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