Bills Sponsored by Senator Schaaf

SB 579 - Modifies provisions relating to infection reporting of health care facilities and telehealth services
SB 580 - Requires voter or General Assembly approval before the Regional Convention and Sports Complex Authority extends or issues new bonds obligating the state
SB 581 - Prohibits enforcement of any contractual provision that prevents disclosure of the contractual payment amount for health care services
SB 654 - Modifies certificate of need requirements for long-term care facilities
SB 768 - Establishes a Prescription Drug Monitoring Act
SB 776 - Modifies certificate of need requirements for long-term care facilities
SB 843 - Modifies provisions relating to covered prescription benefits
SB 912 - Allows for the use of medical marijuana to treat serious conditions
SB 924 - Modifies provisions of law relating to the right of suffrage for former felons
SB 934 - Requires schools and school district to provide home school students the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities
SB 965 - Modifies provisions related to health insurance discrimination
SB 966 - Transfers powers of the Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan Board to the Office of Administration
SB 1050 - Modifies requirements relating to brain injuries sustained by student athletes
SB 1057 - Authorizes the conveyance of certain state properties
SB 1058 - Creates a voluntary replacement alternative program for children's vaccines which do not contain human DNA content
SB 1059 - Modifies several provisions relating to the Public School Retirement System of St. Louis
SB 1113 - Creates new provisions of law relating to financial disclosure under campaign finance laws
SB 1118 - Clarifies the definition of "required student fees" and requires that student-established fees expire no later than ten years after the effective date of the fee
SB 1151 - Modifies motor vehicle franchise practices
SJR 16 - Establishes the Missouri anti-corruption amendment
SJR 17 - Prohibits quasi-governmental entities from entering into long-term bond agreements that financially obligate the state
SJR 18 - Amends the Constitution to modify state highway maintenance by instituting a motor fuel tax and restoring certain state highways to local control
SJR 34 - Amends the Constitution to restrict stadium funding
SJR 40 - Provides that the Citizens' Commission on Compensation for Elected Officials shall set the compensation for certain elected officials at a specific dollar amount
HB 1855 - Changes the laws regarding health care facility infection reporting
HB 2453 - Authorizes the conveyance of certain state properties

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